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Manufacturer Spotlight

Grace Engineered Products

10th July 2018       Automation & Industrial Controls

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Grace Engineered Prodcuts Inc.

Who is Grace Engineered Products?

Grace Engineered Products started in 1997 by taking a few viable product concepts from the original engineering service business in 1991. Founder & CEO Phil Allen invented and patented the original Grace Engineered Products solution; the GracePort®. It was their first unique product concept bringing data convenience connections to the outside of the electrical panels. In 2000, OSHA changed some standards and GracePort® became an officially recognized safety product. Safety principles became intertwined with our product message; they became a valuable source for safety. Grace Engineered also maintained itself as a resource with monthly webinar training programs with electrical safety industry professionals to provide on-demand education for customers.

In 2006, Grace invented a voltage indication device and branded it as Permanent Electrical Safety Device (PESD). The same process that took Grace 10 years on the GracePort®, took them 3 years to establish a market for GracePESDs®.

Grace Engineered Offering:

GracePort® & Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs):

  • Grace Engineered Products is the thought leader in electrical safety product solutions. The GracePort® product is the single most popular panel interface connection device used in the industry today. The product category of Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) was pioneered by Grace and continues to flourish with the emergence of new product solutions for electrical safety. Moving forward, their new GraceSense™ product line is a marriage of preventative maintenance technology and personnel safety techniques. The company’s products are available around the globe via a distribution network and sales presence in 60+ countries.


  • Expanding into temperature and vibration sensing technologies with the new brand, GraceSense™

Why Grace?

Flexibility & Customization:

With the GracePort®, every customer needed something different from the device which led to mass customization of the communication port. Grace included a host of power options for international customers, as well as an endless selection of components and housing options so they could get exactly what they needed.


Invented two product categories within the industrial electrical safety market; the GracePort® with an installed base of 1M units on standard electrical panels and the GracePESDs® line with an installed base of 600K devices. In addition, they innovated the traditional electrical distribution business model with a mass customized approach to the GracePort® with over 19,000 UL approved combinations in the system.

Operational Excellence & Customer Service:

For this fully customizable device to be ordered, built, and shipped within days, the Team at Grace knew that they had to innovate in more than one area to be successful with this concept. From creating a streamlined sales channel, developing a recognizable brand to building a manufacturing system that produce any combination of GracePort® customers needed. In the early days, almost 15 new combos per week. Today, over 1 million GracePorts® have been delivered to 50+ countries around the globe.

Continuous Improvement:

Everything Grace Engineered learned to create the GracePort® market, they made better for creating the PESD market. By 2011, Grace could very easily say that they had products in most fortune 2000 industrials in North America; an impossible feat without a vibrant distribution.

Grace Engineered Products is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

E.B. Horsman & Son chooses Grace Engineered as a trusted partner for its continuous growth, innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction. To date, Grace has received four patents, with two in production. Our sales team works closely with Grace Engineered to find our customers the best solutions for their application needs. Asks us about Grace Engineered safety products and how it can fit your application:

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Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESD) Guide

Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESD) Guide

How Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESD) Go Beyond Compliance. Request your free copy of Grace Engineered Products' eBook on PESD. It includes: Mechanical/Electrical LOTO with PESDs; PESD Job Hazard Analysis; Risk Control Hierarchy; & Productivity.

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Grace Engineered Products

Manufacturer Spotlight: Grace Engineered Products

E.B. Horsman & Son chooses Grace Engineered as a trusted partner for its continuous growth, innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction. To date, Grace has received four patents, with two in production. Learn more about Grace Engineered Products in this spotlight: 

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