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Panduit - Infrastructure For A Connected World

15th September 2021   |   Manufacturer Spotlight   |   Data Communication   |   Automation & Controls

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Panduit industrial automation infrastructure
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Who is Panduit?

Panduit prides itself on innovation and leadership in the Tech Industry. Since 1955, Panduit has introduced thousands of revolutionary products to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers. Some of which are essential to any business’s infrastructure such as the Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI), which was developed by Panduit to allow businesses to become flexible and scalable in response to the rapidly changing technology.

Panduit Industrial Network Infrastructure

Why Panduit?

1. Data Centers

Panduit provides solutions that transform existing data centers into strategic business assets by driving performance, increasing efficiencies and maximizing capacity utilization. Panduit offers specialized engineering services to maximize data center design and build partnering with E.B. Horsman.

2. Enterprise

Panduit offers comprehensive portfolio of technology led infrastructure that enables best in class network performance, operational efficiency and profitability. Improve your building’s enterprise infrastructure by creating a collaborative work environments, enterprise wide connectivity and energy saving technologies. Contact E.B. Horsman to set up an enterprise design audit with Panduit.

3. Industrial Automation Infrastructure

Panduit understands the importance of connecting smart and sophisticated industrial equipment that allow manufacturers to better monitor the performance of their machines and processes like never before.

4. Industrial Construction/MROs

By partnering with Panduit, you have access to a full solution of over 30,000 readily available parts for cabling infrastructures within heavy-duty industrial environments, which will increase productivity, equipment reliability and safety.

5. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Panduit electrical systems solutions help you organize, connect, and protect in a timely and cost-effective way. It is your single-source partner for automated tooling, technical support, and worldwide availability of quality products.

Panduit not only understands the challenges you face in the industry, but it foresees them and have the products and services you’ll need ready for you. It is more than building smart and high quality products; it provides end-to-end network services to ensure customers are leaders in their field.

Connecting Systems, Applications and Devices

As a global manufacturer of Physical Infrastructure equipment, Panduit is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to the seemingly endless data center, enterprise and industrial challenges. By offering customers end-to-end services from design, to development, to deployment of infrastructure solutions, Panduit became the customers’ choice based on its quality, innovation and problem solving capabilities.

Panduit is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

For many years, E.B. Horsman has been working together with Panduit to offer customers the latest in the electrical industry. Foreseeing the challenges our customers might face, our highly experienced staff provide training in Panduit products. We are here to help you achieve your objectives and become a leader in the industry.

Want to learn more about Panduit? Visit their website www.panduit.com.

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Panduit prides itself on innovation and leadership in the Tech Industry. Since 1955, Panduit has introduced thousands of revolutionary products to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers.

Read More