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Rittal Stainless Steel Hygienic Design Enclosures

23rd June 2020   |   Product Spotlight

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Specially designed for the Food & Beverage Industry


Different enclosure solutions are needed for the various locations inside a food and beverage production facility. From enclosures that can withstand frequent wash-downs on the factory floor to the IT infrastructure in the data center, Rittal has the right solution to protect your sensitive controls and electronic equipment.

Specially designed and built to handle the unique hygiene needs and challenges of the Food & Beverage industry!

In harsh environments, traditional enclosures may fail to provide the required levels of protection, so we have the perfect solution for you.

Terminal boxes and compact enclosures in Hygienic Design (HD) are key elements in the design of open processes in the food industry and clean rooms due to their ease of cleaning. Compatible accessories such as wall spacer brackets and HD-compatible cable glands complete the range. If you have specific requirements, “Rittal – The System.” is sure to have the right solution.

Food & Beverage Enclosure Solutions

Rittal’s HD solutions are specially designed and built to handle the unique hygiene needs of the Food & Beverage industry! Rittal’s HD products stand out with their unique features:

  • 30° forward sloping roof repels water, bacteria, objects.
  • tainless steel parts & accessories for easy, reliable cleaning
  • Re-designed enclosure – fully isolated electronics, removable terminal blocks, and an updated exterior.
  • Joint-free exterior blue gasket is easy to see, clean, and replace.

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The Rittal Hygienic Design for food safety is based on:

European standards and directives

  • EN 1672-2:2005 Food machinery/ General design principles/Part 2: Hygiene requirements
  • EN ISO 14 159 2004 Safety of machinery – Hygiene requirements for the design of machinery
  • EN 16 001 Energy management to improve energy efficiency
  • Machinery directive 2006/42/EC binding
  • Document 13 EHEDG guideline on the hygienic design of apparatus for open processes, prepared in collaboration with 3-A and NSF International

EU regulations

  • 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs
  • 853/2004 specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin
  • 854/2004 specific rules for the organization of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption
  • 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food Decide for yourself what is important.

Rittal Hygienic Design Enclosures

Food-Grade, Washdown, & Stainless Steel

HD Wallmount Enclosures

Improve Protection, Cleanliness

Limitless design flexibility for your configuration needs. Roof angled forward by 30°. Seal dyed blue to clearly distinguish it from debris.

HD Compact 200x300x155 17x22x15 HD Compact Encl S/S 26x30x15 HD Compact Encl S/S
HD S/S Encl 610W x 210D 17x24x24 HD Compact Encl S/S HD Compact Encl Stainless Sloped
HD S/S Compact Encl 810W x 300D HD S/S Compact Encl 810W x 300D

HD Junction Boxes

Protect Wiring and Small Electronics

Protection for dense wiring and sensitive small instruments. Foamed-in-place gasket and a knife-edge perimeter for additional protection

HD Enclosure 200W x 200H x 120D

HD Freestanding Enclosures

Modularity Delivers Flexibility

Flexible, bayable large enclosure solutions can be fitted with a 30° sloping roof for hygienically sensitive areas that are subjected to regular cleaning.

22x26x20 HD Compact Encl S/S
HD System Encl WHD 800x1800x500

HD Climate Control

**SUMMER PROMOTION** Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Our HD Air to Water Heat Exchangers keep your systems cool using in-house chilled water or Rittal water chillers- no more clogged filters!

Blue E Wall Mount AC Units
Rittal Thermo Fan & Filters
Type 3R/4 Air Conditioners

HD Accessories

These include levelling feet, panels, handles, hinges, frames, hose-proof goods, cable glands & stainless steel lock nuts, plus ensuring design flexibility & top hygiene standards.

HD Cam Lock HD Wall Spacer Bracket 50mm HD Enclosure Key
Handle Style Hgeinic Design HD Side Panel System Enclosure
HD Leveling Feet M12, 122-175 MM HD Side Panel for Top Module
HD Angled Roof 30° for HD System Encl

Contact us for more information or inquiries on Rittal’s Hygienic Design Enclosures

Rittal, a trusted supplier of E.B. Horsman & Son, stands for cleverly thought-out system solutions for hygienic production in the food & beverage industry. Particularly in open processes, where the resistance of the seal to detergents and disinfectants is crucial, it is vital for the production plant to be equipped with optimized enclosures, terminal boxes and command panels.

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