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MELTRIC Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles

19th March 2021   |   Product Spotlights

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MELTRIC switch-rated DS & DSN plugs

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Safety & Convenience

MELTRIC DS and DSN Series Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one reliable, cost-effective device. Users can safely make and break connections under full load and provides significant protection in overload and short-circuit conditions. As an approved “line of sight” disconnect, they provide a cost-effective means of meeting code requirements, without the need for expensive interlocks or auxiliary safety switches.

Switch-Rated Plug: DSN

  • UL/CSA listed
  • 20-150A, 600VAC, .75-75 hp
  • Type 4X/IP69/IP69K environmental ratings
  • Poly and metal (150A only) casings
  • Add up to 6 pilot contacts

Switch-Rated Plug: DS

  • UL/CSA listed
  • 20-200A, 600VAC, .75-100 hp
  • Type 3R (optional 4X) environmental ratings
  • Poly and metal casings
  • Add up to 6 pilot contacts

MELTRIC switch-rated plug in wastewater pump

Short-Circuit Overload Protection

MELTRIC Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles are designed to provide short-circuit protection. They are rated to successfully close into and withstand short-circuit currents of up to 100kA when used in circuits protected by RK1 fuses.

They are UL and CSA listed for use as a motor circuit disconnect switch, branch circuit disconnect switch, and as a plug and receptacle. MELTRIC devices eliminate the need for mechanical interlocks and auxiliary non-fused disconnect switches.

MELTRIC devices allow mechanics or technicians to safely make/break connections. The plug complies with NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 regulations. They can only be removed from the receptacle after the load has been disconnected and the safety shutter has closed. This isolates the receptacle contacts and prevents an operator from ever being exposed to arcing or live parts. Removing the plug from the receptacle is a NFPA 70E defined normal operation that visually verifies the power is OFF and eliminates the need to wear PPE and perform complex procedures.

Lockout Procedure Simplified

All Switch-Rated devices allow users to perform lockout/tagout by inserting a lock through an existing hole on the device. The user only needs to provide the lock – no additional mechanisms are required.

Simple lockout provisions for the receptacle are also provided as an option on the DS and DSN Series. The lockout provision on DS and DSN Series receptacles can also be used to lock the plug and receptacle together to prevent unauthorized disconnection.

Need Help?

Want to learn more about MELTRIC switch-rated plugs? Talk to an expert today! MELTRIC products are ordered and assembled in a modular fashion.

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Commercial & Institutional

  • Mobile Facilities
  • Emergency/Rescue Equipment
  • Compressor & Pumps
  • Power Distribution
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Lab & Test Equipment
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Lighting Disconnects

Outdoor Facilities

  • Wastewater Pumps/Mixers
  • Oil Rigs & Batch Plants
  • Shore Power
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Conveyors & Stackers
  • Cordsets
  • Portable Generators
  • Power Distribution Panels

MELTRIC switch-rated plug connected to truck

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