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Product Spotlight

Photoluminescent Exit Signs & Markings

27th October 2017       General Division

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Photoluminescent Technology


All Your Emergency System Needs


What is Photoluminescent (PL)?

Photoluminescent is the light emitted from a matter that absorbs photons from surrounding electromagnetic radiation (nearby light sources).

Strontium Aluminate is a solid, odorless, non-flammable, pale yellow mineral that is used by PL Solutions to create the photoluminescence material (PLM) in their products. There are many chemicals used to create PLM, but why Strontium Aluminate? It is chemically and biologically inert. PL Solutions produces it in a proprietary laboratory process, which is 100% non-toxic using catalysts that are environmentally friendly. The PL absorbs any ambient area lighting and then emits that light once power is lost or an emergency condition occurs.

Codes and Standards Overview:

  • Fully acceptable technology as indicated in Section 3.4.5 of the National Building Code
  • Use of Photoluminescent (PL) signs have been adopted Provincially in Canada
  • All Externally Illuminated signs must conform to – CAN/ULC-S572 Standard
  • Recognized Internationally for both egress and safety signage
  • Signs must consist of the ISO Pictogram sign
  • Minimum required light levels on all signs at “all times during building occupancy”
  • Signs must be marked accordingly to showcase maximum operating times
  • PL signs are considered their own emergency power supply (like a battery)
  • PLS Pictogram signs can be mixed in with traditional EXIT / SORTIE signs

For more detailed information on provincial building codes, see attachments at the end of this post.

Photoluminescent Pathway Markings

PL Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • All PL Solutions PL signs are UL/ULC approved for 2 foot candle/120 minutes
  • 25 years product guarantee
  • Easy to install -- no wiring or battery installation is required!
  • Minimal maintenance required -- Maintenance costs for an LED or incandescent signs can be thousands of dollars a year
  • No electricity required!
  • Testing is not mandatory
  • No toxic / GHG emissions
  • Always works!
  • PL products from PL Solutions qualify to contribute towards LEED Points in the following categories
    • EA Credit #1: Energy and Atmosphere - Energy Performance
    • MR Credit #4: Material and Resources - Recycled Content
    • ID Credit #1.1: Innovation in Design - Exceptional Performance
Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Path Markings Designed with Photoluminescent Material

Photoluminescent Exit Signs & Markings:

The reliable PL Solutions Safety Guidance System is a complete suite of photoluminescent safety components essential for comprehensive low-level emergency evacuation routes. By installing a photoluminescent directional system for evacuation during sudden blackout or smoke-laden conditions, you greatly reduce your potential liability, but more importantly you can save lives!

Where to use PL Solutions Inc. Technology in your Facility?

Emergency exit path and doors:

exit Sign & Path Markings

In blackout situations, having exits clearly marked with signage, handrail tape, floor directions, wall mounts, and non-slip stair treads will ensure your staff leave the building safely.

Dangerous equipment or obstacles in path:

Path Obstancles

Marked racks, heavy equipment and their storage position, plus pallets and other obstacles help your employees avoid bumps, bruises, or worse in emergency situations.

Access to Important Equipment:

Access to Equipment

Mark your breaker panel, important valves & switches, your first aid, fire extinguisher and other safety equipment for quicker access.

PL Solutions Pathway Markings

Applications & Product Details


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Residential
Product Part Number Product Details
Running Man Exit Sign - Double Arrow RM-DBL PL 10X17 Running Man - Double sided
Running Man Exit Sign - Left Arrow RM-LA PL 10X17 Running Man - Left arrow
Running Man Exit Sign - No Arrow RM-NA PL 10X10 Running Man - No arrow
Running Man Exit Sign - Right Arrow RM-RA PL 10X17 Running - Right arrow
ST - 4 PL Stair tread, C/W vinyl PL insert, 4’
HR TAPE PL Handrail Tape, 1” X 10FT

Keep your staff safe with PL Solutions Photoluminescent Signs & Markings

E.B. Horsman & Son stock PL Solutions Products.

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