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Product Spotlight

Siemens SIRIUS 3RA6

23rd January 2018       Automation, Industrial Controls, & Motion Division

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SIRIUS 3RA6 Compact Starters


All Your Motion & Motor Needs


Whether it’s ventilation, mining, forestry, or pumping, motors are needed in every industrial application and are essential components of machinery and equipment used in our day-to-day life. However, motor control, protection, and monitoring are challenging and often are key in order to ensure motors are maintained and running efficiently. Fortunately, the Siemens SIRIUS portfolio meets all of these requirements and offers a wide range of possibilities to meet any application.


The Siemens SIRIUS 3RA6 series of compact starters is a great solution for customers that need the maximum amount of reliability and efficiency in their control cabinet; it reduces planning costs and significantly minimizes the overall costs incurred from configuration to commissioning. Compared to conventional feeders, this starter is a more compact universal feeder that offers higher functionality, and is simpler to maintain. It combines the functionality of a circuit breaker, solid-state overload relay, and contactor to be used for wide a range of applications.

The SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starter forms the basis for high availability and future machine concepts.

Three become one

All functions of a motor start-up combined in a single device: moving away from laborious planning, ordering and mounting of each single component for every function, the SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starter offers a fast and easy solution. Three become one – simply three times as fast.

Siemens SITRANS 3RA6

Efficient Engineering with the utmost functionality

Features & Benefits

  • Enormous space advantages and reduced wiring -- thanks to compact design of direct-on-line and reversing starters
  • Direct-on-line and reversing starters are the same height for uniform tier spacing in the control cabinet
  • Flexible connection options -- thanks to spring-loaded or screw-type terminals
  • Minimum planning and mounting costs, as well as considerably reduced wiring -- thanks to a single complete device with one order number (short-circuit protection, contactor, and overload protection all in one device)
  • Easy mounting and replacement -- thanks to removable terminals (with retained wiring)
  • Optimum power supply in the control cabinet -- thanks to multiple power infeed options
  • Fewer variants -- thanks to wide setting ranges for overload (only 5 types up to 32A) and wide-band control voltage (24V, 42–70V, 110–240V, all AC/DC).
  • Setting of overload tripping class directly on the compact starter (CLASS 10/20)
  • Increased productivity -- thanks to automatic device reset in case of overload, as well as differentiated overload and short-circuit detection via IO-Link
  • Option to use infeed system which allows multiple compact starters to be fed off single incoming terminal reducing wiring and installation time.
SIRIUS 3RA6 Functions

Applications & Product Details:

The 3RA6 compact starter is an ideal direct-on-line low voltage motor starter rated for up to 690V applications. It is a single compact device which combines the functionalities of circuit breaker/MSP, contactor and solid-state overload relay. Accessories such as auxiliary switches and a surge suppressor are already integrated. It is the perfect solution for panel integrators that are looking to reduce install time, and save space in their control cabinets.

3-Phase standard motor 3-pole with 400VAC standard power in KW Setting Range for Solid State Overload Relay Direct-On-Line Starter 110-240VAC/DC coil Reversing Starter 110-240VAC/DC coil Direct-On-Line Starter 24VAC/DC coil Reversing Starter 24VAC/DC coil
1.5kW 1-4A 3RA6120-1CP32 3RA6250-1CP32 3RA6120-1CB32 3RA6250-1CB32
5.5kW 3-12A 3RA6120-1DP32 3RA6250-1DP32 3RA6120-1DB32 3RA6250-1DB32
15kW 8-32A 3RA6120-1EP32 3RA6250-1EP32 3RA6120-1EB32 3RA6250-1EB32

Need help selecting the right starter for your application?

Our Automation, Industrial Controls & Motion division staff are experts when it comes to understanding and analyzing your application requirements, contact us for the best products that work for you:

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