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Centre Electric with T&B Express Cable Tray

4th September 2018       Full Line Electrical

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Thomass & Betts Express Cable Basket Tray

How easy is it really to install T&B Express Cable Tray?

Centre Electric speaks about their experience.

About Centre Electric:


Centre Electric is a locally-based company that is committed to excellence, with its 62 employees striving to deliver high quality electrical services across the Lower Mainland. Centre Electric’s dedication to detail and customer satisfaction has led to long term partnerships with companies such as: Bell, Harbour Centre, and OpenRoad Group. This company works exclusively in the electrical industry, specializing in electrical and communications contracting. They offer a range of services, consultations, and support options to ensure clients successfully achieve all their project goals.

Customer Challenges

Time is Money:

Centre Electric works largely on commercial data communications projects. The electricians at Centre Electric used to spend a large amount of time putting together traditional cable tray of great lengths using bolts and nuts. “This is nothing but a nightmare and a pain to deal with...” -- said Dave C., estimator and procurement at Centre Electric. This was time consuming and cost the company large amount of money in terms of hourly wage paid to the electricians installing the tray and the number of projects being finished within a given amount of time.

T&B Solution

Ease of Installation

T&B Express Cable Basket Tray utilize the patented QuikLok® connecting system where the tray simply snaps into place, no components or tools is required. You simply insert, push down and it is locked in place.

Centre Electric has been using T&B Express Cable Basket Tray for about two years now. The tray is universal that it can be used for any application and its ease of use and installation was key for Centre Electric; it saved them a lot of time and improved their efficiency in completing projects. “...While with T&B Express Tray, you simply clip and go. Easy!” The tray, brackets, and any other accessories are pre-made so you don’t have to worry about building your own. You don’t have to worry about customization; the tray is universal that Centre Electric has been using it for all their projects. “The nice thing is that you can put up longer lengths at one go, snap it together and rest it up”. It is the easiest and most efficient in the world of data communications.

Centre Electric’s Experience in doing Business with E.B. Horsman & Son

Centre Electric has been doing business with E.B. Horsman & Son for about five years now. Our sales representatives are dedicated to our customers and always want to make things easy and cost-efficient, that is how Centre Electric learned about the T&B Express Cable Basket Tray. The sales representative will discuss and analyze your project’s needs, present you a demo of the most suited product, walk you through every feature of the product, and provide you with any post-sale support you need. “Working with E.B. Horsman & Son is easy! When I request a product in the evening, they will have it ready in the morning, and finding products in stock was never an issue”.

At E.B. Horsman & Son we strive for customer success and satisfaction. We are thrilled to hear about Centre Electric’s experience with our customer service and satisfaction with the products we support.

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Centre Electric with T&B Express Cable Tray

Centre Electric with T&B Express Cable Tray

T&B Express Tray, you simply clip and go. Easy!” - Centre Electric speaks about their experience and the benefits of using T&B Express Cable Tray

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