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Industrial Surveillance Camera Guide

11th March 2020   |   Buying Guides   |   Data Communications

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Opticom CC02 Industrial Camera

What is an Industrial CCTV Product?

CCTV products are used for a wide variety of demanding industrial and commercial applications; whether it’s live viewing of machinery in harsh environments with high vibration, or recording continually for security of businesses in areas of extreme weather.

Opticom Tech’s Industrial Video Products are uniquely designed to withstand the challenging environments presented in heavy industrial applications. Opticom cameras and systems ensure reliable, high quality monitoring video to operators, control rooms, and remote locations. It is important that industrial end users install cameras specifically designed for their harsh environments to maximize productivity and reduce hardware replacement costs.

The following article will outline:

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Uses for Industrial Cameras

Opticom’s cameras can be used for CCTV video in a wide variety of applications, such as: Mining, Railway, Utilities, Transportation, Manufacturing, Biomass, Engineering, Sawmills, Pulp & Paper, Aggregate, Agriculture, Marine, Military, Food Processing, Refineries, Petrochemical, Offshore/Oil Rigs, Port Authorities, Energy, Steel Mills, and Grain Terminals.

Opticom’s industrial video helps machine operators have an extra “set of eyes” on the machine and allows them to see an entire line of production from the main cab. Also, in mining and forestry, the cameras can be placed to view machinery, allowing machine operators to oversee what’s going on from a safe distance. The systems that integrate recording make troubleshooting a snap since the customer can view playback footage. The systems are also fully integratable with Opticom’s Security Surveillance products.

Top Concerns for Industrial Applications

CONCERN 1: High Vibration

The customer has a high vibration area where commercial grade cameras and video products typically fail within a short time frame. Cameras in these areas are mounted on or around heavy machinery for production monitoring.

OPTICOM SOLUTION: Opticom has been committed to Industrial Video Excellence for the past 40 years. Their products have been designed and field tested to meet the rugged environmental demands of even the toughest industrial applications. For heavy industry, Opticom's vibration damping design & special anti-vibration mounts made with visco-elastic polymer are unsurpassed.

CONCERN 2: Hazardous Location

The customer has classified hazardous areas and needs cameras that are CSA/UL certified for installation in these locations.

OPTICOM SOLUTION: Opticom's explosion-protected cameras for hazardous locations are installed into heavy-duty industrial housings that are CSA/UL certified. The housings prevent explosions or inside sparks from escaping and igniting dust, fibers, gases or vapors in the surrounding air.

CONCERN 3: Water Tight

Customer has an area that requires regular wash-down due to high dust/particulates or as may be required by regulations such as food processing facilities.

OPTICOM SOLUTION: Video is an integral part of the modern manufacturing process. Opticom Tech’s waterproof industrial video solutions have been rigorously field tested and are ideal for wash-downs required by food processing and packaging facilities. The specially sealed housings are IP-68 rated according to NEMA which prevent dust and water penetration.

CONCERN 4: Temperature

Customer needs to monitor areas with either high or low ambient temperatures.

OPTICOM SOLUTION: Opticom has video solutions for extreme temperature ratings from -60° to 60°C. Temperature tests prove the specific industrial products ability to perform in both high and low temperatures without the need for a heater or fan.

CONCERN 5: Integration

Customer needs a complete video solution from the ground up or needs to upgrade and easily integrate their existing system.

OPTICOM / EBH SOLUTION: Opticom is a complete video solution provider of hardware to build a system from the ground up, but also has the capability to integrate with your existing system if necessary. With over 10 years of experience with Opticom’s industrial product line, EBH’s knowledgeable sales team can make recommendations for all camera scenarios. For large projects, Opticom often assists EBH in site visits and coming up with suggestions for a bill of materials to ensure our customers receive the best solution for their application.

CONCERN 6: Real-time Monitoring

Customer video monitoring can’t have any latency.

OPTICOM SOLUTION: Opticom's HD-TVI technology provide zero latency unlike standard IP/Ethernet solutions which have to be processed through switches or CPU’s. This is an ideal solution for applications where latency is unacceptable due to accuracy, safety, or application demand.


  Special Environmental Conditions

Assess jobsite needs and make a note of how many cameras need to be vibration resistant, high impact, hazardous, extreme temperature, etc.

   What Needs to be Monitored?

Decide on a final number of cameras required. Once the camera locations are identified, EBH or Opticom can assist with selecting the right camera for each location.

   Picking the Right Camera

Decide on the type of system that’s best suited for the application. Again, EBH or Opticom is available to assist with the selection process.

  • Coax (analog) or Network? Both types of system provide high quality video with complete network access.
  • Who will maintain the system? A network (IP) system will require onsite IT personnel, whereas an analog system can be easily serviced and maintained by electrical staff.

  Cabling Infrastructure

The Opticom camera systems are flexible with cabling infrastructure. If upgrading to HD-TVI from a traditional analog solution, no cabling infrastructure change is needed. HD-TVI utilizes the existing coax cable and connectors without the need of installing Cat5e/Cat6 cable. All you need to do is change the cameras and the DVR.


  • Are you going to be monitoring at stations throughout your facility or will you have one main monitor back at the head end?
  • Do you require a video feed with no latency?


Industrial Cameras

HD-TVI CC02 Camera

Part No: CC02-TVI

  • 2 MP / No Network
  • IP68 Weatherproof
  • 1080P Resolution at 30 FPS
  • Titanium Alloy Housing
  • Extreme Temperature Rating
  • Vibration Resistant

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CC02 Camera

Part No: CC02

  • High Resolution 700 TV Lines
  • High Impact Camera
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Titanium Alloy Housing
  • Extreme Temperature Rating
  • IP-68 Waterproof/Dustproof

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Explosion Proof IP Series

Part No: CC03-IP2MF36IR

  • Explosion Proof Housing
  • Max. 30fps @ 2MP (1920x1080)
  • Dual Stream (H.264, MJPEG)
  • 39 Pc. IR Array – 20m Range
  • CSA / FM / ATEX / IEC Approvals
  • IP66 Waterproof / Dustproof

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Industrial Network Camera

Part No: CC04-IP2MV

  • Max. 30fps @ 2MP (1920x1080)
  • Comes with Rugged Vibration Damping Mount
  • Dual Stream (H.264, MJPEG)
  • 1/2.9” 2.43M PS CMOS Sensor
  • PoE or 12VDC / 8 IR LED’s
  • IP-68 Waterproof/Dustproof

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Industrial Monitors

IP Ethernet Monitor

Part No: LCDI-215IP, LCDI-24IP, LCDI-32IP

  • No Computer Required
  • Full High Definition
  • Supports up to 5MP Cameras
  • Real-time Streaming Protocol
  • Metal Housing

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Industrial LCD Monitors

Part No: LCDI

  • High Resolution TFT LCD Panel
  • VGA & Analog (BNC) Video Inputs
  • 3D De-Interlace Technology
  • Automatic Colour Control
  • User Friendly Controls & OSD

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Industrial Wireless Video

Wireless Ethernet Radio Bridge

Part No: MACH V

  • High Power Bridge Wireless Ethernet Radio
  • Up to 5 Miles at 54Mbps Data Throughput
  • Encrypted Data Transmission
  • Range Extendable Up to 50 Miles
  • Designed for Extreme Environments
  • Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint

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Vibration Mounts

Camera Mount

Part No: VM-1

  • For use with CC02 / CC02-TVI Camera
  • Designed for Extreme Vibration Applications
  • Extends Camera life
  • Easy to Install

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Mount for LCD Monitors

Part No: MVM-LCDI-1

  • Extends Monitor Life
  • Advanced Vibration Damping Visco-Elastic Polymer Bushings
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum Construction
  • VESA Standard 100mm

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CC03 Series Camera Mount

Part No: MVM-EXP-1

  • CC03-2VF / CC03-IP2MVFIR
  • Anti-Vibration Mount
  • Advanced Vibration Damping Visco-Elastic Polymer Bushings
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum Construction

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Opticom has been a partner of E.B. Horsman & Son since 2010. When an industrial customer inquires about video products, we trust Opticom to have the latest technology. Their products are specialized, constantly evolving, reliable and carry robust industrial rating essential for any industrial market. Opticom’s service culture is also matches to E.B. Horsman's and they make sure that our customers are taken care of. Whether it is training, implementation, issues, or questions, this manufacturer has your back.

Looking for the right video products for your jobsite?

Our Data Communication Specialists are available to work with you to find the most suitable solution for your application. Contact us now.


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