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3rd August 2017       Automation & Industrial Controls Division

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E.B. Horsman & Son

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EPLAN: The Gateway to Greater Efficiency

The standard for electrical CAD software has seen important changes during the last decade with migration to Industry 4.0.A departure from the regular drafting software you used for so many years, CAD, is a result of the introduction of EPLAN and being at the forefront of the industrial revolution.

What is EPLAN and how did it become the software for engineers?

Eplan introduced the idea of a consolidated project environment where planning, documentation and administration of electrical automation projects share the same space with fluid systems. From hydraulics and pneumatics, to 3D engineering of control panels and switchgear equipment, to 2D/3D design, to documentation of cables and wire harnesses, all can be achieved while providing web-based access to the latest device and parts data from leading manufacturers.

This is every engineer’s dream tool for designing schematics, interfacing with fluid systems, creating 3D panels, and editing numerous reports with a click of a button in an interactive environment driven by a powerful database for increased efficiency and error reduction.

Applicable for projects range from small/simple to large/complex and across all industries, Eplan is the tool of choice for progressive organizations which thrive in the modern-day highly competitive environment.

EPLAN’s Top Solutions:

  1. Reduce Time-to-Market
  2. Increase Quality
  3. Enhance Machine & Application Flexibility
  4. Ability to Design & Build Complex Machines &p; Applications

To make things even easier, Data Portal offers easy online access to a variety of macros (electrical symbols, 2D drawings, 3D models ...etc) from over a hundred major manufacturers. EPLAN dominates the industry with this powerful library at the designer’s fingertips and countless optional modules of electrical schematics, wire harnesses, 3D panels, fluid, NFPA/IEC standards and other advanced engineering tools.

Industry Specific Applications:

The world of design and manufacturing of enclosures and switchgears is driven by tight deadlines and pricing while dealing with high fixed costs for facilities, equipment and wages. High level of customization, quick turnaround, high quality products and matching documentation are typical customer expectations – and all at a low cost! Small lot sizes and one-offs are more common than ever, and these type of applications pose a great challenge when efficiency is paramount. To achieve such high levels of efficiency for projects of various sizes, consistency and compatibility of data and systems are a must throughout the entire process: from engineering, material ordering and logistics, production and assembly, to setup and site commissioning.

Data consistency and centralized management, interdisciplinary alignment of development process, reduced time-to-market, and efficient cost control are the key benefits of EPLAN, the advanced engineering design tool.

From electrical design, mechanical mounting layout (2D and 3D) to production, assembly and commissioning, EPLAN provides data across all disciplines.

With manufacturers having production facilities throughout the world, it is critical to standardize production and plan uniformly worldwide while accounting for local standards. For smooth, trouble-free plant operation consistent, up-to-date documentation can be crucial.

EPLAN meets these requirements by ensuring optimal integration in existing system landscape through the ERP/PDM Integration Suite, hence, creating a uniform basis for the entire process chain.

EPLAN strikes the right balance between time, cost and quality by providing standard blocks, minimized manual engineering work, interfaces to ERP, PDM, PLM and CMMS for continuous and consistent data exchange, flexible standards, and reduction of multiple data entries through integration of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Large, complex installations and complicated processes requiring large amounts of data are typical to the oil & gas industry. These processes require an extensive number of instruments to control and monitor plant operation. Further, data quality and consistency are paramount for efficient plant operation hence the high demand for advanced engineering tools and distributed control systems.

EPLAN provides a seamless organization-wide workflow through ERP and PDM systems interfaces and process automation systems, multilingual documentation, interdisciplinary software (fluid and electrical engineering, PLC programming, 3D wire harnesses), thus offering customers a competitive advantage.

EPLAN provides unmatched productivity gains through offering integrated plant management system (SCADA/SQL), real-time documentation, redlining, error-free and flexible designs at any stage of production.

For keeping up with the increased demand due to rapid population expansion and for guaranteeing continuous supply, water and wastewater industry is in need of new strategies and technical innovations. High-tech solutions are now integral part of the industry with system automation playing a pivotal role in modern infrastructure. For ease of introduction of new technologies, standardization, minimized downtimes, and effective coordination of the entire process are a must.

EPLAN Platform provides one integrated interface for interactive and error-free design of such critical systems by connecting fluid power, electrical design, process instrumentation, and control engineering.

It offers interdisciplinary solutions and automation for reducing development costs, standardization for minimized coordination efforts and increased quality, complete engineering documentation, automatic reports updates for as-built documentation and PDF redlining for clean and consistent tracking of changes during various stages.

Producers and suppliers in the Food & Beverage Industry are in a constant search for new solutions to efficiently meet market demands. Faced with complex manufacturing and production processes, players in this industry are engineering and managing a variety of highly integrated and automated machines, which are required to work together flawlessly to achieve the goal of reducing costs and time-to-market.

EPLAN provides the required level of information consistency, multidisciplinary and parallel work for efficient design and smooth integration and operation of all machines and systems while minimizing coordination time and cost. Data consistency across the manufacturer is achieved by connecting engineering to PDM and commercial systems.

Comprehensive integration into EPLAN Platform allows for increased productivity in process engineering, time savings, and minimizing errors through the use of central database, automatic reporting, and more efficient commissioning based on consistent and fluid engineering and production processes.

Energy sector is governed by a broad range of national and international laws and standards making it one of the most heavily regulated markets in the world. Players in this industry are facing many challenges such as meeting standards, load distribution optimization and climate protection targets, which is being the subject to a wide range of complex requirements.

To address all these stringent issues, laying out a solid foundation through consistent plant planning, control and process automation and error-free system documentation are key elements to long-term success. Effective cross-disciplinary work and interface to ERP and PDM systems allow for seamless work-flow across the manufacturer.

EPLAN offers reduction of development time thus, shorter time-to-market, standard-compliant representation of primary and secondary devices for increased manageability and transparency, intelligent documentation for minimized downtimes and simplified maintenance, up-to-date documentation throughout plant life-cycle, and high level of components re-usability through standardized device technology.

EPLAN Advanced Engineering Tools

EPLAN Cogineer

EPLAN Cogineer

Next level of automated engineering – A two part system (Designer and Project Builder)

EPLAN Cogineer is a unique solution for automatically creating schematics and fluid power systems. The systems seamlessly integrates into EPLAN Platform with direct access to the existing macros and macro libraries, which are used as the basis for mapping product structures, developing rule sets, and storing variants of products and machines.

Project Builder (front end) is a declarative interface which makes data related to macros, configuration variables, and rule sets (which are defining a typical in EPLAN world) directly available without any additional programming.

Due to its modularity, EPLAN Cogineer is suited for virtually any type of application regardless of scope, industry, company size, sub-circuits (drive controls, PLC racks...etc), or even complete projects. It is all one click away!

Automatic schematic generation combined with traditional planning and design can be easily achieved while the reversed process (manually revising automatically generated projects) is just as easy thus, eliminating the need for extensive preliminary work for creating related data and rule sets.

Information is directly saved in the macro library which can be archived and sent via email to other users. This feature saves companies significant amounts of time and maintains consistency by allowing the recipient to generate schematics using the same set of rules.

EPLAN Syngineer

EPLAN Syngineer

EPLAN for Industry 4.0

Syngineer or Mechatronics engineering is geared towards Industry 4.0 and aims for shorter development times and error elimination. The core of this newly developed mechatronics system is the direct interface between mechanical engineering, electrical/controls engineering and IT/software engineering or else interdisciplinary teamwork.

Main benefits of Syngineer are:

  • Reduction of development time through real time coordination of design activities
  • Reduced number of errors via automated messaging on modifications
  • Increased innovative capacity by synchronizing engineering tasks

The end result is the reduction in development costs while delivering a superior product in a timely fashion to increasingly demanding markets.

Focusing on Industry 4.0, EPLAN offers the most complete set of design tools and services for modern engineering, allowing customers to work more efficiently and reduce time-to-market regardless of industry type or project size. With the goal of becoming the leading provider of engineering solutions, EPLAN represents products of the highest quality on the global market.

How can E.B. Horsman & Son help you with your EPLAN needs?

The Process, Automation and Controls Group (PAC) at E.B. Horsman can help you select the EPLAN software that best suits your needs, run demos, assist with installation and setup, and host training sessions delivered by EPLAN to increase your knowledge base. Contact us now to learn how can EPLAN transform your business:

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