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Philips Lumec Municipalities Roadway Solutions

13th January 2018       Lighting Division

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Lumec High Focus Application

E.B. Horsman & Son

For Your Roadway Solutions


Chances are you’ve considered LED roadway lighting. When weighing the performance and appearance of traditional roadway lighting against newer technologies, you may wonder how LED lives up to your stringent standards.

Since 1972, Philips Lumec has been committed to satisfying roadway lighting needs. With an R&D department and in-house manufacturing, Philips Lumec dynamically practices the art of sustainable design and the science of smart engineering. Additionally, Lumec is a recognized leader in high-end environmentally sustainable decorative outdoor lighting.

As pioneers and innovators in roadway lighting, Philips Lumec launched second generation of the LED RoadFocus and HighFocus product lines.

HighFocus LED High Mast:

Introducing Philips Lumec HighFocus LED high mast luminaires – the high-performing, low-maintenance high mast solution that provides managers and work crews with the freedom to focus on other tasks. HighFocus LED high mast luminaires help reduce lighting-related energy costs compared to HID technologies while meeting or exceeding code requirements. Their long life, backed by industry leading 10-year limited warranty and LUF (Luminaire Useful Life) rating, results in reduced maintenance time and costs.

  • Among the highest lumec output in the market today as much as 50% higher than other leading brands
  • Perfect replacement for existing high mast HID systems
  • Consistent and uniform light levels mean that anyone can confidently navigate the well-lit area with ease
  • Compatible with existing high mast poles
  • Optional 5-pin and 7-pin NEMA twist lock receptacles available
  • L70 > 100,000 Hours
  • Three lumen packages available providing up to 9 7,389 lumens
  • Colour temperature available: 4,000K
  • Voltage options available: 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, 347V, and 480V
Philips Lumec HighFocus Luminaire

An ROI example you can achieve by retrofiting 4,000 HID luminaires with 2,000 HighFocus LED high mast luminaires:

HighFocus Energy Savings
HighFocus Carbon Dioxide footprint
HighFocus ROI

RoadFocus Gen 2:

Approved by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and for the Province of British Columbia CSA Program

With new Philips Lumec RoadFocus LED Cobra Head Luminaires, you can now reliably upgrade to LED roadway lighting; saving energy, maintenance and operating costs, as well as contributing to environmental stewardship. At the same time, you’ll benefit from performance surpassing that of high intensity discharge (HID) luminaires while retaining the familiar cobra head design. RoadFocus LED Luminaires offer more than an energy-efficient upgrade from traditional roadway lighting – they provide confident solutions to help enhance liveability in your city or town.

  • Seamless integration in new and existing installations
  • Mimics HID short & medium distribution patterns
  • Available in type II, III, and IV distribution pattern
  • Zero uplight
  • L70 > 100,000 Hours
  • 38W at 4,400 lumens - 340W at 40,000 lumens
  • Colour temperature available: 3,000K and 4,000K
  • Voltage options available: 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, 347V, and 480V
Philips Lumec RoadFocus Luminaire

An ROI example you can achieve by retrofiting 4,000 HID luminaires with 2,000 HighFocus LED high mast luminaires:

RoadFocus Energy Savings
RoadFocus Carbon Dioxide footprint
RoadFocus ROI

Control Systems

Basic Dimming
xitanium outdoor driver

The standard dimming driver (0-10V) enables RoadFocus to be combined with additional controls at anytime.

Basic Dimming
Philips dynadimmer

Luminaire based, stand-alone controller for 1-10 V electronic driver. A 5-step dimming schedule is created in easy-touse software, which can be downloaded in Dynadimmer via a Programmer or USB PC cable.

Basic Dimming
Philips Field Adjustable Wattage Selector

Optional Field Adjustable Wattage Selector (FAWS) switch can be operated even while wearing Lineman’s gloves, providing tactile, audible and visual switch position markers.

Philips Service Tags

Philips Servic Tag

To identify all individual products, a service tag is placed on select Roadway and Urban products, poles, and the boxes that they are delivered in. The service tag enables smoother maintenance processes by providing relevant luminaire configuration information and identifying spare parts needed.

Philips City Touch

Philips City Touch

CityTouch is an end-to-end street lighting management system. For more information on any of these components, download one of the brochures below. With an intuitive user interface and stringent security standards, your CityTouch platform is scalable to fit your needs and gives you complete visibility and control of your entire lighting system.

Polywater Product Offerings in stock at E.B. Horsman & Son:

Part # Product Description Units/Case
Adhesives & Sealants
  • 1 - 8.5-oz two-part FST™ Foam Sealant caulking tube
  • 3 - mixing nozzles
  • 4 - 24" foam damming strips (cat# FST-DAM)
  • 1 - 12" abrasive strip
  • 1 - pair disposable gloves
  • 1 - positioning rod for foam dam
  • 1 - pre-treating wipe (cat# HP-P158ID)
  • 1 - resealing cap
  • 1 - instruction sheet
  • 1 - Polywater® Splice Shield™
  • 1 - 2-part self-dispensing cartridge
  • 5 - mixing sticks
  • 5 - single gloves
  • 1 - bottle part A
  • 1 - bottle part B
  • 1 - pair gloves
  • 1 - mixing pail
  • 1 - mixing stick
  • 1 - instruction sheet
  • Kit covers 3 ft2 (approx.) at a 3" depth/2790-cm2 @ 7.6 cm depth
  • 1 - 250mL PowerPatch Pad N Pole Repair adhesive cartridge
  • 6 - mixing nozzles
  • 1 - strip of sanding cloth
  • 6 - HP™ cleaning/drying wipes (HP-P158ID)
  • 6 - pairs of disposable gloves
  • 6 - foam brushes
  • 72"x6" fabric
  • 1 - instruction sheet (dispensing tool not included)
EPCT-KIT1 1 single-use kit contains:
  • 1 - container Part A
  • 1 - container Part B
  • 1 - putty stick (1¾")
  • 2 - Type RP™ cleaning and preparation wipes
  • 1 - 12" sandpaper strip
  • 2 - mixing sticks
  • 1 - pair gloves
  • 1 - instruction sheet
Data Cable Cleaners & Lubricants
TC-1 Individual saturated wipe 144
FTTX-D20 20-count wipe canister 20
  • 2 - AQ-2LP
  • 1 - DT-D175
  • 1 - SWB-250F100
General Purpose & Medium Voltage Cleaners
P7-12 16 fluid oz. aerosol can (475 ml). Net wt 12 oz. 12
CG-13 16 fluid oz. aerosol can (475 ml). Net wt 13 oz. 12
FD-9 16 fluid oz. aerosol can (475 ml). Net wt 9 oz. 12
HPY-12 16 fluid oz. aerosol can (475 ml). Net wt 14 oz. 12
  • 6 - RP-1 (Saturated 5" x 8" wipe in sealed pouch)
  • 3 - strips of standing cloth
  • 1 - instruction sheet
HTC-D72 Dispenser with 72 10" x 12" pre-moistened wipes 6
HTC-1 Saturated 8" x 12" wipe 144
Dispensing Tools
TOOL-50-11 Dispensing tool for BonDuit & EPCT Sealants 1
TOOL-50-21 Dispensing tool for BRK Kit 1

Whether you just need to know your ROI and energy savings with LED retrofits or want to design a full outdoor lighting system, our lighting specialists can assist you with all your needs.

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