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Stelpro Heating Cables

October 2nd 2020   |   Buying Guides   |   Latest News

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Stelpro Heating Cables for Pipe Freeze protection and roof deicing

Residential & Commercial Heat Trace Solutions

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SSFR - Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable Reel


SSFR heating cable increases or decreases the heat output in a self-regulating way depending on changes in the ambient temperature, so a thermostat may not be necessary in some applications. It will never overheat or burn out even when overlapped. This heating cable reel is available with optional termination, power connection, splice and tee kits to reduce installation time and require no special tools.

Stelpro SSFP Heating Cable Reel SSFR Datasheet

Energy Efficient: Automatically vaires its power output in response to temperature changes

Easy to Install: Can be cut to any length (up to maximum curcuit length) required on site with no wasted cable

SAFE: Even when overlapped

Power Connection, Splice, Tee & End Seal Kit: Reduces Installation time

IDEAL FOR: pipes at risk of freezing and roofs and gutters with ice damming problems

Heat Cable Reel for Roof and Gutter de-icing

SCRG - Constant Wattage Roof & Guuter De-Icing Heating Cable

Less weight on your roof

This preassembled heating cable is designed to prevent ice damming on roofs and gutters, which could be harmful to the roof and dangerous for passers-by.* The roof and gutter de-icing cable creates a path that allows water to flow normally through the gutters. It's easy to install on any type of inclined roof. It can also be installed in metal or plastic gutters.

* Never install on a flat roof. This cable is not designed to remove all the snow from a roof.

Stelpro SCRG Heating Cable for Roof & Gutter de-icing SCRG Datasheet

i) Prevent Roof Damage & Leaking

ii) Keep Gutters & Downspouts Flowing

iii) Preassembled Ready to Install

iv) Thermostat With Temperature & Moisture Sensors (Optional)

IDEAL FOR: roofs and gutters with ice damming problems

Heat Cable Reel for Roof and Gutter de-icing

SCPT - Constant Wattage Pipe Freeze Protection Heating Cable

Say goodbye to frozen pipes

This preassembled heating cable is designed to prevent pipes from freezing and avoid water damage. The cable is easy to install thanks to its 120 V plug, and the integrated thermostat triggers heat only when necessary. The cable is installed on pipes under insulation and protects against freezing down to -40 °C (-40 °F). Ideal for metal or plastic pipes up to 1.5 in. (3.81 cm) in diameter.*

* The cable must never cross over itself. Plastic pipes must always be filled with water.

Stelpro SCPT Heating Cable SCPT Datasheet

i) Prevents Pipe Breakage & Water Damage

ii) Ideal for Plastic or Metal Pipes

iii) Lighted Plug Power Indicator

iv) Integrated Themostat that Triggers at 3 °C (37 °F) to Prevent Freezing

IDEAL FOR: pipes at risk of freezing

Stelpro SCPT Heat Cable for Pipe Freeze Protection

SSFP - Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Preassembled Cable


This heating cable protects pipes, roofs and gutter systems from damage due to freezing and can be used in residential and light commercial applications. The self-regulating freeze protection cable automatically adjusts its heat output according to the ambient temperature conditions. Under cooler conditions, the heat output increases, and as the temperature rises, the output decreases to save on energy. This product comes preassembled in various lengths and is available in 120 V and 240 V.

Stelpro SSFP Heating Cable SSFP Datasheet

i) Self-Regulating Preassembled Cable

ii) For Residential & Commerical Applications

iii) 240 V Models Available With Three-Wire Pigtail

iv) Wide Variety of Lengths

IDEAL FOR: pipes at risk of freezing and roofs and gutters with ice damming problems

Heat Cable for Pipe Freeze Protection

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