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Entek™ D21 Series Receiver of wireless remote controls, 4 buttons, 1 speed, 12VDC


The D21 series of wireless remote controls are one of the most reliable, affordable and secure industrial remote control systems available today. These units are suitable not only for most crane applications, but also many other industrial and commercial applications including cement pumpers, mobile lifts, winches, tailgates, conveyors, tow trucks, doors, machinery, and even agricultural equipment.

    Receiver Features

  • Programmable Outputs - Momentary, Toggle, Pulse, On, Off
  • Power, Start and Communication interlock relays
  • Output Relays rated 10 AMP 250 V
  • DC power and AC power versions available
  • 4.3 Billion ID Codes for security of operation
  • Self Diagnostics including output contact closure sense

Input Voltage
12 VDC
Housing Material
30% glass fiber-reinforced nylon-6
-35 to 75 deg C (-31 to 167 deg F)
Relay Rating
10 A @ 250 VAC
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